Price of a website in Sitempresa

162.5€+taxes in the first year and 81,3€+taxes the following years

With Sitempresa, you have the opportunity to work with professionals that know the way of the web’s good functioning, with low prices in order to create a professional website.
The packages are optional and with no retention period. Order now a free website proposition and decide if you want to continue to work with us!

Base Version

Website creation

Contact & Monitoring

Editorial Content

  • Home Page;
  • Static Pages (text, contact form, google map, …);
  • Dynamic Pages (galeries, portfolio, blog, sliders,…);

Multi-Support Functionalities

  • Functional and Custom Website (Layout);
  • Fully responsive for mobile devices (Responsive);
  • Multi-browser compatibility;

Highly Customizable

  • Social Networks integration;
  • Language Manager (Portuguese, English, French, …);
  • Color and background selection;

Technical Specifications

  • Search engines optimization (Google, Yahoo, Bing, …);
  • Views Statistics;
  • Editorial Access (Back Office);

Web Experience

  • Contact;
  • Knowledge of your professional area;


  • First year included

Further Options

Personal Assistance


Content creation or edition by an expert of Sitempresa

Social Networks


Page or profile creation on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, …)


Budget Only

Stock Management / Catalogue



Creation of textual content


Budget Only

Logo / Slider / Graphics

Website Redesign


Redesign or edition of a website already client of Sitempresa

Annual Hosting

starting on the second year of contract


I am forced to pay a website proposal?

In Sitempresa a website proposal is free and with no compromise. This proposal includes most of the resources, sample pages creation and editorial structural content to attend your business goals.

If I decide to subscribe one of the Further Options, should I start my website immediately?

You can add one of the options on any time. You can choose when you want your further option without restart your website.

What is the period of customer loyalty?

We believe in the quality of our product so there is none. If you’re not satisfied with our service, you are free to resign with Sitempresa.

The Base Version includes the domain name?

The price of a domain name is included in the base version. For further domain names there will be further costs.

Why choose Sitempresa?

Professionalism and Accuracy on creating your website

Design is the soul of the site. A rigorous analysis of the client needs in order to best represent your business services or just a personal disclosure, is what we make when we are asked for ​​a proposal. This is what distinguishes Sitempresa from the others. We guarantee a website solution for all customers who want to enter with his right foot, in the world of the internet.

Final Product with Superior Quality

Several years of experience in the business, guarantee us the wisdom to enter confidently with this product. A global approach in order to propose a more economical product to customers.

Another very strong aspect in our favor, is the execution speed of our tasks. We again emphasize that we guarantee a proposal of YOUR website in just five days.